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July 31st, 2009

ffffound invite

‘I would never want to be part of a club that accepts ME as a member” – Groucho Marx.

Since its inception in 2007, FFFFound! has developed into one of the biggest ‘social visual bookmarking sites’ around, with every designer and their Wacom hankering for an invite to the site (which is invitation only – you can even find eBayers willing to pay for invites).

According to its wiki entry

FFFFOUND! is an image hosting service designed for the sharing and bookmarking of found images. It allows registered users to post digital artwork that they find on the Internet, creating a database of images open for public viewing. Ffffound.com logs the ways in which viewers interact with the site, tracking which images are most commonly linked to each other. In this way, the site can recommend “other images you may like,” based on the clicking habits of other site visitors. FFFFOUND! was created on May 18th, 2007, and was allegedly designed by Yugo Nakamura, who is considered one of Japan’s leading web designers.

So how has a site that allows you to post other peoples images become such an exclusive club which everyone wants to be a part of?

A quick click to FFFFound! shows the appeal – with its clean design and images aplenty – ready for that lazy designer to ‘steal’, appropriate and use for their own designs.

The website can be quite addictive, as you keep stumbling upon new and exciting images. Before you know it, half your day may be gone. Sure there is porn there, but its not porn as you know it – it’s the classy stuff; deep dark black and white photos of sexy scantily clad girls and guys in their underwear with those typical, fawning poses.

The new kid on the web vying for pole position is Image Spark.  Image Spark isn’t based around the invite system and offers the same service but with a more web 2.0 feel. So why would users still be desperate to join FFFFound! if there is an alternative site they can join for free?

Some of the best and most exclusive nightclubs pride themselves on having long queues when there is nobody inside, so when people walk past they are elated at how exciting it must be that people are willing to queue up waiting to get inside.

Do a simple Google search and you will see forums full of people asking for invites: ‘invite me!’, ’me too please’. The pages can go on and on with the same request, as though people fear being left out of such an exclusive club – if they get a ticket to the party it will somehow validate them.

So the question remains, why are designers so keen to be a part of this if there are alternatives? Are these people crying out to the part of the FFFFound! clique no better than the rest of the sycophants trying to have their 15 frames of fame?

– David Goldberg

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  1. Aitch, find me on FFFFound says:

    Because of the exclusivity and it’s the original. Or, should I say, you’re not in there.

  2. David Goldberg says:

    Aitch, thanks for the response, I cant wait to check out your FFFFFound profile, I will also tell all my friends so they can check you out, oh how exciting!

  3. Jemymah says:

    Oh David, why are you such a sourpuss, lighten up and smile for once!

  4. Glenn McDoogle says:

    David, a little birdy told me you have a ffffound account… so doesnt that make you a fat hypocrit?

  5. 1971dsgn says:

    Still at large to find an invite

  6. gallama says:

    You could put my response down to not being part of the ‘exclusive’ crowd but you could argue that Myspace was the original to Facebook and look how that now is starting to die. Same will happen to fffound once the hype of it dies down and you cant fit into your latest pair of skinny jeans. I’m happy with Image Spark and don’t have to be part of the General Pants crowd to be a member.

  7. Fayz says:

    Anyone please send me ffffound invitation if you can. I’ll be thankful to you.


  8. orelli says:

    Hi. If you have some ffffound invintation please send me too

  9. David says:

    May i have a ffffound invitation please? i have been looking for one for a long time.

    thank you.

  10. cyberjabs says:

    My X-mas wish list is FFFFound invite… Can you be my Santa?
    Thanks a lot! :)

  11. cakes says:

    Does this website look like a ffffound invitation dispenser!!?

  12. rj says:

    anyone please send me ffffound invitation, many thanks!

  13. danilo says:

    i’m looking for an invitation so bad. please anyone send me an invitation or contact me: daniloklein[at]ymail[dot]com

  14. Pj shaffer says:

    Hello one and all I would like an invite as well if anyone can spare one :D i would gladly pass it on as well I love that site :D

  15. sRGB says:

    not to rain on the invite request parade, but each user of ffffound only gets a single invite to send out, so i doubt anyone cruising through here is just going to give it out to a faceless person pleading for one.

  16. GOGA says:

    My X-mas wish list is FFFFound invite… Can you be my Santa?
    Thanks! :)

  17. delaqueiroz says:

    OMG i whish a invite too
    will a gentle soul send me?

  18. Michelle says:

    I would love an invite if anyone has one! ive tried everything! please!

  19. Michelle says:

    I would love an invite if anyone has one! ive tried everything! please!

  20. lowis says:

    is the impossible possible?


  21. camille says:

    just another person dying for an invite. maybe check my tumblr? I’m cocoa on dailybooth, too, if you want a less faceless person P;
    I am so lost x)

  22. Polka says:

    It is interesting how people are unable to read and discern about what is written and get offended by it. The whole thread became a desperate cry out pool for invitation. I think this is a good observation and a necessary topic. Not only for Found but the idea of having a lot of “made” images coming to you effortless makes it much easier and almost legit to make “replica”s, in the name of “inspiration”.

  23. SmaRty says:


    Please I’d appreciate for an invite to FFFFOUND it’s an image based bookmarking site, but it’s great for artists and visual people. as I’m looking for it for a long time and Hope I can got one

    My mail smartseed.bt@gmail.com

    thanks in advance

  24. JessicaElizabeth says:

    hello :)
    my name is jessica and i have been looking for a FFFFOUND invitation for so long.
    I would very much appreciate it. Im a school student, and I would like to use FFFFOUND as a way to publish my adiment interest in photography.
    I will be so thankfull if I can recieve one. If anyone can send me one please do.
    My mail is ell0008@dsc.vic.edu.au
    thank you so much to anyone who will help!

  25. nefter says:

    my name is jessica and i have been looking for a FFFFOUND invitation for so long.
    I would very much appreciate it. Im a school student, and I would like to use FFFFOUND as a way to publish my adiment interest in photography.

    engraxia at yahoo.es
    Thankyou so much

  26. Hi friends, i have been seeking a ffffound invitation as well, i love that site its simple and it has loads of inspirational stuff, i am a digital artist and i spend a lot of time in that site every day and its really frustrating :.( for not able to bookmark my own inspirations , if i get an invite i would seriously be very happy and return you the favor in ways possible… checkout my deviantart page may be ill give away free prints , dono just feel so desperate to get an invite :)
    DA page: consciousspace.deviantart.com
    mail : consciousspace@gmail.com
    i don’t know if this helps but sincere thanks for your time.

  27. GMB says:


    Some of you may like to search randomly through the FFFFound archive. Here is a tool for your enjoyment. http://pepperpoppins.com/ffffoundrandom/


  28. gonzalo says:

    hi all, im wanting an invite too, i eventually pay for one invite.. im architecure student, contact me


  29. Your best shot at getting an invite is to email ffffoundinvites@gmail.com

  30. I am interested in trading a Cargo invite for a ffffound, email me if interested.

  31. Umas says:

    http://www.dWork.me have very similar community like ffffound. It is new in beta, you can try asking for invite.
    ffffound is too private!…

  32. KillerDrummer says:

    Want an Account on FFFFound? But no one’s willing to give u one…

    Wanna buy one out for a Cheap Price? – Message me on FaceBook or Email me @ FFFoundInvites@gmail.com :)

  33. Nobody says:

    you can get one by emailing “ffffoundinvites@gmail.com”

  34. osman bucci says:

    Can you send me an invitation?

  35. osman bucci says:

    You can get an invite by emailing ffffoundinvites@gmail.com

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