The Little Bishop Pendant Light Hook by Hunter & Richards.

For years, Dominique Hunter an interior designer from Melbourne Australia was frustrated with the makeshift method in which cable hung pendant lights were secured. The common solution at the time was not appropriate for many of the great lights she used in her interiors.

So she enlisted the help of her partner Antony Richards to create an elegant and natural way to hang her lights – the Little Bishop.

While managing their business – Hunter & Richards – Antony used his spare time and background in jewellery design to carefully hand craft a hook that would suspend cable hung ceiling lights with no knot, clamp, bolt, screw or clip.

“We wanted a solution that would not stand out as a feature, one that would let the cable hang naturally” says Dominique.

A decision made early in the project was to have the cable lock itself down. This lead to a form that was beautiful in itself, and when wrapped in the electrical cable, took a step back and really let the whole light do it’s job.

“There are so many cool light fittings around, and just because you’re not spending a lot on one doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the minor details and finish of an interior project by using a cheap hook from the hardware store. We wanted something that was designed for this purpose alone, a solution that would suit any pendant no matter the budget or style of interior” Dominique added.

Antony has turned to the Internet to raise funds for his latest project, The Little Bishop Pendant Light Hook which is currently in pre production. Of the many crowd funding platforms available, Antony chose Kickstarter for it’s ability to spread the word quickly online to a lot of people and keep them updated on the status of the project.

Antony said that “the Kickstarter campaign is a great way to get people in on our story, to have them join in on our journey as a small, independent design practice doing good design work and getting their first product out to market. It’s also a great way for people to be first with a new product or to grab a bargain, as the ideas featured are usually priced a lot lower than existing products and established brands”.

The Kickstarter campaign is live now and will run until 11th March, 2015.

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Beach Burrito, 252 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach, Sydney 17th February 2015

Beach Burrito is proud to present TIC TACO ʻa celebration of pool & bowl skateboardingʼ bringing together an eclectic group of artists from across Australia to interoperate this years theme ʻthe art of pool & bowl skateboardingʼ

Having grown alongside the famed skateboarding contest Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi , TIC TACO is now entering itʼs 6th year as an exhibition and 3rd year as a group show.

Curated by Beach Burrito brand manager Jimmy Baxter this year features an exciting line up artists including the likes of Ben Brown, Andrew Mapstone, Alex Lehours & Cameron Markin to name but a few.

TIC TACO is the the first official event to kick off VANS BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2015 the ʻfestival of the skateboardʼ which brings the worlds best skateboarders to the infamous Bondi Beach, Bowl.

The night kicks off at 6pm, with all works for sale and a percentage going to SKATE AID, an organisation supporting humanitarian aid projects for children and young people worldwide through skateboarding to promote a sense of identity and purpose.

Supported by our amigos at PISTONHEAD Kustom Lager, Sailor Jerry & Jose Cuervo.

Tic Taco Facebook event page

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M.R.K.T. Backpacks and Satchels

With Christmas almost upon us, some of you may be scrambling for a last minute gift but haven’t got any ideas what to get.
So why not check out these very neat looking Satchels and Backpacks from M.R.K.T. which stands for: MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER.

No Rabbits were harmed in the writing of this article.


M.R.K.T. is about the thriving urban streets of the world, where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and uniqueness is encouraged.  The products are designed very similarly to how an architect would design a building. They are conceptual, practical, versatile, and very clean. Inspiration comes mainly from architectural practices mixed with classic bag design.

A classic messenger style briefcase, the Peter satchel has clean lines, light weight and available in charcoal industrial felt. Just throw it over your shoulder and go!


To see the entire range, head over to

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Dollar Photo Club Stock Photos!

Lacking time and budget for your design projects? Simplicity and revolutionary low-pricing are at the heart of Dollar Photo Club. Get your first month free and additional images for just $1 each.


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Get into the Christmas Spirit with PNP

Fresh from the North Pole comes “PNP” or Portable North Pole. The website that brings Santa Claus right into kids’ (and grown-ups’) worlds through the magic of technology.

The website allows personalised videos to be created so that Santa Claus addresses the receiver (child) by name, and names the good (or bad) deeds they have done throughout the year. Then, a madly pedaling elf  starts a frenzy of excitement in Santa’s Village, as he powers the “Verdict Machine” which finally concludes if you are on the dreaded Naughty or most desirable Nice list, this year.

Yes, it’s all a lot of holiday fun – ho ho ho – but the best news is that every year PNP release a free video so that nobody will go without the wonderment of Santa. This year’s free video is set to come out any November day, now. For those who wish to upgrade the thrills to a premium video that gives more personalisation options, there are all kinds of fabulous packages and bundles to help you get giving, and 5% of all web sales will go to a participating children’s hospital near you.

PNP has partnered with Mater Little Miracles in Brisbane and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, this year, so Australian users of the website will be helping put smiles on more than one child’s face. Money that is raised during the holiday period will go to these worthy causes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into the jingle bells spirit and head over to 

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Kanji Characters Trade-off in the Mist

In light of recent, perhaps controversial, Trade Partnership announcements on the Federal scene this text based sculpture aims for a subtle cross-cultural knock-out, telling an Aussie cautionary tale in black & white, yet floating in a jaw-dropping surreal rainforest setting.

With this peer-fund invitation you can assist boost the Artist Simon Alexander’s farmgate project that is crafting the typographic installation for the ‘Jurassic’ rainforest due next April in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. As a finalist in the international sculpture exhibition this kinetic work spins a yarn on our geo-political issues of “selling the farm”, translated satirically into large Kanji characters.

This seriously enjoyable piece asks you onboard, with a LOL moment of realisation. To help production and speak to the 60,000 tourist visitors, many of whom are visiting from across Asia and Europe you could receive a beautiful archival photo print that is on offer. All contributions small or large receive a photo document, in appreciation. All LOLs behind the hand please, its more scenic!.

Check it out at

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Lifeline Australia’s Crisis Support Line: 13 11 14

YouTube Preview Image

Today is the 13th November, 2014 (13 11 14) – this is also the same number of Lifeline Australia’s Crisis Support Line: 13 11 14.

To recognise the unique date, Lifeline and Shout for Good have commissioned artist Darren Henderson to develop a street mural in Melbourne’s iconic Gertrude Street.

The mural pays tribute to the vital work of Lifeline volunteers and will encourage those feeling vulnerable to reach out.

Every day over 2,000 calls are made to Lifeline. Darren’s mural, completed yesterday took a little over 2days to finish – that means more than 4,000 calls will be received during its creation.

Lifeline expects that almost one million Australians will call 13 11 14 in the next financial year, reinforcing the need for ongoing support for the organisation.

Today we are asking people to donate to Lifeline via

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Emma Braun Interview

Documentary Photographer Emma Braun sat down with Design Federation recently to explain her work in the field of Art Therapy at Hawkesbury House and also her love of the Hasselblad. Read the entire Emma Braun Interview →

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Emma Braun

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