VIOLENTAMI – Feelings ( music video & EP remixes) Released 30th june 2014

The first release of Violentami (pop/deep house)aka Charles Rocher (Nouvelle New Wave /FR).

With a cinematographic comtempory dance music video directed by Frank Ychou working for bands like Chateau Marmont (Arista/FR) or Turtle (Beatnik/UK).

FEELINGS included three remixes from sexy depitch 90′s tune to space chill music with Kadavre Exquis, Gotham & Brandon Banal.

FEELINGS EP (4 titles) available soon on iTunes and now on soundcloud:
VIOLENTAMI on Facebook :  |  on Twitter :

Videoclip directed by Frank Ychou | Produced by RODS & Nouvelle New Wave

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Packaging design: what does the future hold?

by Laura Drewe

While packaging design has always been a fascinating creative discipline, its future promises to be even more exciting and complex. In today’s competitive market, companies are more aware of the importance of good packaging in determining the consumer’s value perception of a product. In the past, packaging served one purpose – to contain and protect the merchandise. Now, it’s a communication vehicle. The focus is just as much on the package as it is on the product inside it.

Read the entire article 'Packaging design: what does the future hold?' by Laura Drewe →

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Carmel Debreuil Show

Carmel Debreuil, the artist recognized for her quirky paintings of children on ply, is making her Sydney show debut in a group show at the popular NG Gallery in Chippendale..

“It’s so exciting to be part of the New Art Show at the NG Gallery. It’s a fantastic opportunity. Sydney has such a great art scene and the NG Gallery is one of the leaders of the fresh art scene. I’m really looking forward to the opening and seeing the response to my work,” says the hard working artist.

In the last two years alone Carmel has participated in an incredible seventeen group shows, seven solo shows, a variety of art fairs and juried competitions including the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize and the Wilson Prize in which she was a finalist. She has created well over 250 pieces and is in constant demand. Debreuil’s work has been profiled in magazines and online blogs including The Bubble out of the UK, The Design Tribe by Katrina and Aimee from the Block, Mamamia and Brisbane’s very own Scenstr.

Working mainly in acrylic and Posca texters, Debreuil likes the quick drying time of acrylic. Poscas give a continuous flow of paint that is almost impossible to achieve with a brush. Often working with plywood, the surface already has a natural beauty and becomes part of the artwork itself.

Debreuil works in acrylic and Posca on plywood as she feels the natural beauty of the wood is an integral part of the artwork. With a cast of children whose stance and attitude is full of the bravado, nonchalance and swagger of youth Debreuil’s work has a sense of nostalgia and humour.

‘I see kids as these amazing creatures that are perfectly imperfect. I love that they want to hang out with a giant squirrel while wearing a Viking helmet and cowboy boots.’

Debreuil has shown her work in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan and creates original pieces for gallery shows and private sales and commissioned pieces.

Carmel’s work will be showing at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery from July 8 – 25. and at the NG Gallery in Chippendale from June 17 to July 5.

Brisbane Modern Art Gallery
Opening Night July 11
7 – 9 pm
July 8 – 25
483 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley, QLD
(07) 3358 1230

NG Art Gallery
Opening Night June 18
6 -8pm
June 17 – July 5, 2014
3 Little Queen St.
Chippendale NSW
(02) 9318 2992

Please visit  to view more works by the artist.

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Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia | 30 May – 19 October 2014 | Admission fees apply

Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design is the first major exhibition dedicated to Australian furniture of the 1940s to the 1970s; a period of dynamic social change as Australians embraced modern ideals to encapsulate a new, cosmopolitan mode of living characterised by innovative and flexible furniture design.

From Grant Featherston’s plywood Contour range and Clement Meadmore’s welded steel corded chairs, so distinctive of the 1950s, to Gordon Andrews’ elegant 1960s designs for home and office, mid-century furniture design turned its back on the overstuffed and ornate examples of previous decades and, in doing so, revolutionised the contemporary Australian interior.

Mid-Century Modern showcases more than one hundred iconic pieces by these significant figures along with other key designers such as Douglas Snelling, Fred Lowen and Schulim Krimper, and present recreated interior vignettes including a full-scale living room based on the 1955 Age Dream Home.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of public programs – visit for further details.


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RAW is back again and this time its REVOLUTION which is being held on Friday, 30th May at Manning Bar in Camperdown.
The night will feature 40+ artists across fashion, hair, makeup, music, visual art, performing art and more!

You can check out the video from their showcase in March below.


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Tokyo Type Directors Club

The Tokyo Type Directors Club is one of the most prestigious organisations in the field of typography and graphic design. Its annual competition is a touchstone amongst the world’s leading art directors, designers and typographic masters and unique amongst its peers. It celebrates the spirit of typography and encourages and rewards experimentation into both form and language.

This year there were 3500 entries from all over the world. Of these, 300 were selected for the annual and then 120, representing the best of the best, were selected for exhibition.

Two MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture) students – ex. Honours student Clare Wohinick and recent undergraduate Melanie Blewonski  - have been selected for the exhibition and the annual, and a further three students David Morton, Dylan McDonough and Josh McCormack have been selected for the annual.

After appearing at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo, the show is now being exhibited in the DDD Gallery in Osaka and will travel to mainland China later this year.

MADA Professor of Design John Warwicker has been judging the Tokyo Type Directors Club for past 10 years:

“More than any similar organisation the Tokyo Type Directors Club is less driven by ‘temporary commercial and market-led concerns’ and is more focused on the timeless craft and art of Typography. Anyone can enter. This year saw some of the best designers world, from Japan, Europe, China and the USA, submit work so it is a remarkable achievement that students from MADA are represented in both the annual and the show.”

“The selected students from the MADA design school are a reflection of MADA’s robust creative culture which engenders excellence across all design disciplines.  Global recognition such as the Tokyo Type Directors Club accolades are evidence of this,” says MADA Dean, Shane Murray.

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Sweet Nostalgia Group Exhibition

Julia Odgers is proud to announce her first group art show curation. The exhibition will be held at Black Penny’s ‘Blacklisted’ space, with Balmain Brewery providing refreshments for the opening night.

Julia has hand picked an eclectic mix of artists with varied talents and levels of experience, exploring a theme that is very close to her heart: ‘Sweet Nostalgia’. The works have been created by illustrators, fine artists, graphic designers, photographers and street artists. It will be a fun night with some of the artwork being interactive.

Julia loves the way our senses play in triggering magical moments from the past.
  “We all love it, the feelings and emotions evoked from memories,” she says. “The sensory bursts and excitement inspired by sight, scent, sounds, touch and taste.”
She is also interested in meeting artists who’d like to be involved in future group exhibitions.  Please pop down on the opening night for a meet and greet and check out some amazing art.

The opening night of Sweet Nostalgia is Tuesday May 20 from 6pm, and runs until Sunday May 25 at Black Penny, 648 Bourke Street, Redfern.

FB event: and the Blacklisted blog:

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Binns + Valamanesh

15th May, 2014: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has announced it will present two of Australia’s leading visual artists in a cross-cultural feast for the senses. Selected works from Vivienne Binns and Hossein Valamanesh will be showcased in a free exhibition from 19th July to 7th September 2014.

Curator Toni Bailey has sourced a variety of artworks for the Exhibition that highlight the diversity of the two artists’ practices that span over four decades, across a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture and installation. Read all about Binns + Valamanesh →

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