Interview with Chopper Read

April 16th, 2007

Famous for a series of books, a stint in prison and more recently, his art, Australian personality Mark ‘Chopper’ Read takes some time away from the canvas to be interviewed by Design Federation! (parental advisory warning)

Chopper's Art

Have you ever thought of entering the Bald Archie’s with a portrait of **** *****?

no, and it would be a total waste of good publicity and time to paint a moralistic charged and known public toilet lurker.

You are quoted as saying “I find painting wonderful, better than a psychiatrist.” Do you think all psychiatrists should be made to paint or just castrated?

Castrated, painting is a cure to many ills, it takes the mean edge off your thinking. Psychiatrists cannot paint anyway, they have not an artistic bone in their flimsy and sweaty weak bones.

What do you think of Ken Done’s Art? Would you like to have some of your painting adorn cups, towels and the like?

He was crap, just that he knew the right people and gave away so much shit he earned a name. he pandered to the Japs anyway, so dont come at me saying he was all art.

Have you ever considered doing a collaborative piece? For example, with one of Melbourne’s local graffiti artists?

No, i hate the fuckin graffiti, and would not support them at all. They should be hunted down like rabbits and put in cages in the middle of Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Given ‘Hooky the Cripple’s poignant message of the need for tolerance, were you surprised with the moral outrage the book evoked from some circles?

Not surprised at all, it was a reflection of my thinking at the time…a bit weird i suppose, but it caused a bit of a stir around town. It was quite funny that Target and KMart took it on without reading it, and quickly took it off the shelves after a few weeks.

What would you like to say to your art critics?

Go paint yourself in a fuckin mirror and then paint over the mirror in black paint. My critics so far have attended all my gallery openings and have purchased my works, so that should tell you something.

Chopper's Art

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