The Federation Annual – Call for Submissions

June 24th, 2010

The rumblings have become deafening, good friends of the Federation, and at last we can go live with the news that Yes! the rumours are true, Design Federation will be releasing an inspiration book at the end of the year celebrating the collective creative coolness of our supporters, readers, fans and friends. Huzzah!

With the awesome support of (own piggy banks), we will be publishing an artistic almanac released in time for the Christmas rush so no need to worry about what your kris kringle is getting this year. Pulling together the works of our partners in the Australian design community and the fruits of our own creative collaborations, The Federation Annual will be the zenith of all thing di-zin’ for 2010 and asthis project is all not for profit and all funds raised being used to support a charity, its purely for the love of design!

But we are nothing without your awesome help, so get your creative collaboration on and submit.

We want your stuff in there and, trust us, so do you!

The theme for submissions is “1” as this is our debut, our first and united we stand.

The general categories are Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Fashion Design, Photography, Illustration and Industrial Design and any medium in between. Our minds are wide open to anything you can dream up, so please don’t hold back. Send us your best, whatever it may be.

Theme: “1”

Submissions Closed:

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