Graffiti Technica by Brad Schwede

January 5th, 2010

Graffiti Technica

Graffiti Technica is a Brisbane based site that is exploring and evolving graffiti design to different types of technology and digital avenues.  The site features the work of Brad Schwede a motion graphics designer who has worked in various design roles but is most heavily involved in graphics for television and online.  Brad studied multimedia, majoring in design at Griffith university in Brisbane and has been working in the digital world for over 6 years now producing work for local and international clients.

What inspired Graffiti Technica?  I have a huge interest in mechanical and industrial design.. The bigger, louder and more robotic you can make it the more I appreciate it.  Technology has given us so much and it keeps increasing and pushing new boundaries at an every increasing rate.  I wanted to use my interest in technology as the basis for my work – so often I will get an idea from a piece of technology or gear and use elements from it in my work. 

I have always come back to graffiti designs when I am stuck with a corporate design that I can’t get moving – usually scribbling some work in my art book. I decided to try to expand the style as I found keeping things in 2d very limiting and most of the time graffiti was trying to emulate a pseudo 3d style anyway.  So I started to mess around with graffiti in 3d software.  The big difference being that you are essentially designing, albeit virtual, a 3d object with height width and depth.

I am extremely interested in pushing the styles of graffiti into the digital age as there are so many more options available in the digital world than in the real world.  I think the new ‘walls’ for graffiti are virtual anyway – my work appears on so many Myspace and Facebook pages and by the very nature of the web once one person has it, it’s very easily spread.  Not to mention the explosion of digital signage around cities – screens are now truly everywhere. 

Of course anytime you mention the word graffiti the negative stereotypes come up of vandalism and damaging property.  You can’t hide from the heritage of graffiti however I am not so much interested in having my work on a wall as I have had my corporate designs throughout my career on TV and in magazines reaching a massive audience every week.  The art of graffiti to a designer is not a scribble mess but an extremely intricate design that calls on so many aspects of design from a real understanding of typography to an awareness of color, shape, style and lighting. 

The future of Graffiti Technica?  No idea! Every day some new technology is coming out when it does I’ll apply it to my work. I hope the next phase of my design work can translate into some prints for clothing.

Graffiti Technica Website

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  1. julius iranzo says:

    hola me gustaria saber con que programas se crean esos graffitis esta guapisimo

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