The Combination World Premiere at Riverside Theatre Parramatta

February 18th, 2009

The Combination

The Combination saw its world premiere at Parramatta’s Riverside theatre last night, after “seven years in the making”.

Although rain had been expected, it didn’t stop the celebrities from turning out in full force to what might be this year’s sleeper film. Sports stars Anthony Mundine and Hazam El Mazeri, as well as Underbelly’s Gyton Grantley, Matthew Newton and Peter Phelps mingled with the crowd on the red carpet before the screening.

David Field - Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images AsiaPac
(Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images AsiaPac)

The atmosphere was intense with anticipation, as many people had not seen the preview screenings and had no idea what to expect. We were then ushered into the Riverside’s glorious theatre. Parramatta’s Lord Mayor Tony Issa took the stage for a “short” speech, before John Pirrie, David Field and George Basha held the audience’s attention, outlining the struggle it had been to get The Combination off the ground.

There was a rapturous applause as the final credits rolled and the actors took the stage.

The acting from the first timers, especially Rahel Abdul Rahmen, was outstanding. Let’s hope the rest of the country gets behind The Combination.

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  1. gallama says:

    why wasn’t i your ‘plus one’ K-tige? ;P

  2. klaus says:

    Because they wouldnt have allowed penguin supporters in the doors :)

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