January 17th, 2013

Mixquisite is an inspiring exhibition showcasing a collaboration of work made by 6 jewellery artists in the genre of the game ‘Heads, Bodies and Legs’.

When children play a game of Heads, Bodies and Legs, they delight in the hilarious and outlandish construction that occurs when many people contribute to a single drawing.

The early surrealists referred to the practice as ‘le Cadavre exquis’, or Exquisite Corpses. One artist would start the drawing, the next would continue with the composition in sequence, and so on. Often there was a formula to follow. The artist might see what the previous person had created, other times blindly adding to the canvas.

Each of the six artists in this exhibition have distinct design styles and a widely diverse palette of materials, creating an intriguing and beautiful collection. “It’s always a gamble to trust others to continue on with your making, especially with something as intimate as jewellery. This idea is not new to art, nor to jewellery, but a project like this will be inherently differ depending on who is involved, which makes any attempt at this style of making an exciting and interesting spectacle.” states Alice Potter, the co-ordinator of the exhibition.

The collective is made up of six jewellers, who all work directly within the jewellery community in South Australia – Hannah Carlyle, Leonie Westbrook and Alice Potter at the Jam Factory Craft and Design centre, Lisa Furno and Kelly Jonasson at Gray Street Workshop, and Lauren Simeoni of the celebrated glass and jewellery studio Gate 8.

Each of the six jewellers in this group have contributed at least one thing to every piece in this show, concluding in 36 pieces collectively assembled by all twelve hands. The final result could be wonderfully bold and colourful, or muted with a soft sensibility.

Mixquisite opens on the 12th of February and continues onto the 2nd of March, Opening hours are 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Celebration drinks – Saturday 16th February 4-6pm

For more information about Studio 20/17 go to www.studio2017.com.au

  1. Estelle says:

    This reminded me of ‘le Cadavre exquis’ parties that were held at an un-named location in Bondi Jungle… I mean, Junction and fuelled by the very good wine from my Margaret River collection. I believe Mr K Kinski and Ben from http://www.twoflatwhites.com were known to produce ground-breaking surrealist works at these shady events.

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