May 16th, 2011


Design Federation is keen to announce the launch of our very own zine. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!  Zingly exciting, isn’t it?

D’Zine will be kicking off in the twilight hours of this financial year, just in time for us all to flit off on holidays to undisclosed exotic tax havens.  

ONLY KIDDING, what’s a holiday?  No rest for the wicked when we are putting together amazingly small but bursting at the seams awesomeness in an A5 pocket-sized package of love. Oh readers, how we dream of ways to make you love us the way we love you.

There will be 3 (THREE!) issues released this year and many more to come we hope. But not without the talents of our good Friends of the Federation. Yes, we need the help of your good selves so send us your illustrations, photographs, designs, short stories, poems and articles so we can print them and put your name in lights.

Issue 1’s theme is TECHNOLOGY & CREATIVITY. 

Think Da Vinci, think Gutenberg press, think Derwent Pencils, think Lomo,  think carbonic paper, think Hipstamatic…  Or don’t think and just do.  We want your pretties, my pretties.

To be considered, please send us your creations before May 30th 2011 to

Writing: no longer than 500 words.
Images: please send in pdf format (A5).

Any questions or queries, email us at

  1. Naww says:

    Wow, you guys are uber hip. Zines, what ever will you think of next?

    Hey, the 90’s called and Seinfield is on!

  2. klaus says:

    O Snap, you are back!

    btw Seinfeld is awesome, whats your problem..take a load off, have a beer, its all dandy in the water friend..

  3. Anne says:

    Zines are awesome! What’s your problem, Mr. Sarcastic?

  4. MissPigelle says:

    Haha, well hey there Naww, you lurky thing you!
    No need to get persnickety just because you missed out on the ’90s. I was there and it rocked… and let’s not get started on the Sein.

    But what’s the dealio with hating on zines? Didn’t you get down to the zine fair on the weekend? You know, 30,000 kids buying up big. Seems to me they haven’t quite lost there appeal. Maybe you should get to the drawing board and sketch out your feelings.
    ….we’d love to publish them sometime.

  5. I have not seen the zine or did I miss the memo?

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