Alex Grigg Interview

Ozanimate is a webhub keeping  students and practicioners up  to speed on everything in the Australian animation community. Showcasing great local work, plugging events, interviewing industry players and just generally keeping tabs on the whole scene, Ozanimate is doing it for the kids. One of the contributors, Alex Grigg, a 3D animator, is doing just fine down in Adelaide making things move for your viewing pleasure. We caught up with him to hear the ins and outs of Aussie animation.

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Ruby Chew – Masquerading With an Adelaide Rose

Walking through Ruby Chew’s Adelaide is like following the Queen of Hearts through her Wonderland. As we pass a vintage shop she likes, she uncurls her arm in a fling, like a burlesque dancer unburdening herself of a gratuitous item of clothing, “You should really check it out, they have the loveliest things upstairs,” and throws another arm around a beaming friend who we bump into in the street, “Well hey, you!”  As she leads our motley crew to dinner at her favourite Chinese joint in the CBD’s Gouger St she notices a long line-up out the front of the restaurant. Turning smartly on her heel, she instructs us to follow her to BBQ City instead and with a note of finality announces, “Oh, it’s just the same.” Read the rest of Estelle Pigot's Interview with Ruby Chew →

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Queenie Chan Interview

In the parallel universe of manga , one young, Australian artist is creating a KAPOW! with her illustrations and leading the groundswell of interest from local creatives in the Japanese-inspired style.  Queenie Chan ditched a career in IT during the to pursue comic illustration, her debut series The Dreaming was released by US comic publisher TokyoPop and the 30 year old artist hasn’t looked back. DF caught up with Queenie to kick off 2011.

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Natalie Faber-Castell Interview

In our last interview for 2010, Design Federation catches up with the wonderful Natalie Faber-Castell from Faber-Castell (yes that really is her last name!), about all things related to the brand that has been going strong for 250 years.

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Dagmar Cyrulla Interview

Some paintings hold your attention for a few seconds and then they are gone to make way for the next infobyte, other work stops you and pins you down while you try to solve its wonderful puzzle, which is exactly what the work of Dagmar Cyrulla does. Hip-Hop might be dead, but painting in Australia is still alive with talent like hers giving it oxygen. Read the complete Dagmar Cyrulla Interview →

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Yeojin Bae Interview

Her subtle tailoring, elegant lines and chic fabrics come together with a unique panache that has seen Yeojin Bae garner a loyal following for her distinguished design signature internationally. There’s a sophistication of style in Bae’s modish collections which see her standing alone (or, at least, among a very select group) on the Australian fashion design scene.

The charming designer was the youngest student to ever attend Whitehouse Institute of Design Melbourne, at just 15 years old. Her star has continued to rise since then with awards and stints working for illustrious fashion houses such as Mark Jacobs, Anna Sui, Saba and Charlie Brown.

She was almost unknown in Australia in 2006 when New York department store, Barney’s, bought her entire collection launching the young designer well and truly into the limelight. Today, her lovely pieces are sold at her boutique in Melbourne and Myer in Australia. Her boutique is not the splashy, large glass-frontage high-street shop one would expect, but rather a secluded salon open only a few days a week. It’s this element of exclusivity that has seen her label survive the brutality of the economic downturn by maintaining a trusting, and no doubt, discerning clientele.

Between whirlwind tours, this jetsetter took the time to speak to Design Federation.

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Matt Woods Interview

Our friends at Avido are rapidly hurtling towards their opening, with the help of maverick Sydney interiors guru, Matt Woods’ work.  Design Federation caught a few moments in the frenetic energy field of this creative at work and scribbled down a few quotable quotes from the man himself. Read what Matt had to say about the scene, the dream and Avido.

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Heesco Interview

Originally hailing from Ulaanbaatar (that’s Mongolia folks) illustrator, Heesco, has made a cross-hatched splash in his adoptive home of Australia. You might remember him from the Sydney art scene from a few years ago, though these days he can be found in the nooks and crannies of creative hub, Melbourne. There’s a notable shift in the mood of his fantastically intricate etchings too. Once famously bleak and monochrome, vibrant pigment has slipped through the cracks of his illustrations and spilled into the shadows of the past. It seems the artist is embracing a bright new spectrum to compliment his twisted faces and agonised creatures, animating his work with a robust sense of comedy, fantasy and joy.

Has Heesco outgrown the sarcastic snarl of his former style and embrace the ironical optimism of colour? See for yourself at his next exhibition opening as part of the Sweet Streets Festival at the Brunswick St Gallery on October 13th. Design Federation caught up with him recently to chat about his art, collaborations and the Melbourne scene.

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