Gemma O’Brien Interview

Gemma O’Brien rocked the Aussie design scene when she took the ‘stage’ of Typo Berlin 2009 and drew letterforms all over her body with a black marker.
We’re still reeling, but O’Brien hasn’t stopped. She tells Klaus Kinski what the font! Read the complete Gemma O’Brien Interview →

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George Basha Interview about his new film Convict

When filmmaker, George Basha (The Combination) needed a prison to film his latest movie, Convict, Parramatta Council came to his rescue. Unlocking the gate for him to film his gritty, new work in Parramatta Prison. Basha talks to Klaus Kinski about this new work.

Read the complete George Basha Interview →

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Eric Olson Interview

Estelle Pigot interviewed Eric Olson the typeface designer behind the brilliant Klavika (of Facebook fame) and many others.

Read the complete Eric Olson Interview →

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Kirthana Selvaraj interview

Check out our video interview with the super talented portraiture artist Kirthana Selvaraj. Her portraits will be at Translations (October 2nd, 2013) which is part of RAW Sydney.

You can purchase tickets to the event here or buy them on the night.

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Geebs interview

At the recent RAW event in Parramatta, we got a chance to see the delightful and slightly spooky work of Gillie and Debbie (known as “Geebs”) and wanted to know a bit more about their crazy world… Read the complete Geebs interview →

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Interview with Merryn Spencer of Pop-Up Parramatta

Our very Own Estelle Pigot who spends her days working for Regional Arts NSW interviewed Merryn Spencer of Pop-Up Parramatta for the Regional Arts website and we are lucky enough to have for you the full interview (raw and uncut!)


As the empty spaces landscape is still emerging in Australia there are many ways of undertaking a pop up opportunity. In our Council it’s part of an integrated series of projects to enhance and enliven the experience of the city for those who live, work and play in the area and creating a ‘filler’ between major redevelopments in the area. (more…)

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Numskull interview

“Numskull is an Australian based artist, working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, sculpture, illustration and large scale murals.”
As Numbskull will be talking at this years Semi Permanent, we decided to ask him a few questions before the big event.

Read the entire Numskull interview →

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Interview with Cementa_13 art festival director, Alex Wisser

Hosted in “The Town That Built Sydney” the inaugral Cementa_13 festival kicks off this Friday, February 1st until Monday, February 4th.

It’s a celebration of contemporary art set within the rural industrial history of Kandos NSW, a town over the hills of the Blue Mountains that was founded 99 years ago to house the work force of the Kandos Cement Works. Cement from Kandos built the Harbour Bridge and much of the glittering emerald city.  Until the cement works was closed down a year ago, leaving the town without a defining industry and an opportunity for transformation.

Festival Director, Alex Wisser, shared his thoughts with us on the upcoming festival.


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The Little Death

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