Emma Braun Interview

Documentary Photographer Emma Braun sat down with Design Federation recently to explain her work in the field of Art Therapy at Hawkesbury House and also her love of the Hasselblad. Read the entire Emma Braun Interview →

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SAINTS ALIVE! Eirian Chapman Interview

I first discovered the illustrations of Eirian Chapman  a few years ago when I opened a copy of Desktop Magazine that featured an article I had co-written about popular Australian logos. I was eagerly scanning it for my contributing author picture, keen to see what they had done with my portrait. What I found ground me to a stunned halt that sunny afternoon at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, right in the smack of peacocking models and poseurs at Sydney Fashion Week. There I was, in a national magazine, with a blue, triangular nose.

But when I got past the initial ego-shock, I noticed how Chapman’s drawing referenced the Memphis-Milano style from the 1980’s in a series of illustrations of all the edition’s contributors. It was fun without poking fun. In fact, it was clever, graphical and cool. Sipping on my calming cosmopolitan, still pouring over her work, I realised that she hadn’t rendered me a clown but had deftly captured my likeness in a manner that surprised and delighted.

Chapman is an Australian freelance illustrator whose work has been commissioned by heavyweight clients of the likes of the Australian Ballet, Mercedes-Benz, ELLE Magazine and the Commonwealth Bank. Her first solo exhibition – “Sainthood” – is on until October 25th at Lamington Drive, 101A Sackville St, Collingwood. It’s free to go and you should go and pay your respects to the patron saints of Shiny Things, Drunken Sailors, Interstellar Tennis, and Suburban Jungles. The show consists of a series of large-scale “print tapestries” depicting a troupe of saintly modern super-women and, again, has that visual zing which playfully catches the viewer unawares.

Read the entire Eirian Chapman Interview →

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Gemma O’Brien Interview

Gemma O’Brien rocked the Aussie design scene when she took the ‘stage’ of Typo Berlin 2009 and drew letterforms all over her body with a black marker.
We’re still reeling, but O’Brien hasn’t stopped. She tells Klaus Kinski what the font! Read the complete Gemma O’Brien Interview →

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George Basha Interview about his new film Convict

When filmmaker, George Basha (The Combination) needed a prison to film his latest movie, Convict, Parramatta Council came to his rescue. Unlocking the gate for him to film his gritty, new work in Parramatta Prison. Basha talks to Klaus Kinski about this new work.

Read the complete George Basha Interview →

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Eric Olson Interview

Estelle Pigot interviewed Eric Olson the typeface designer behind the brilliant Klavika (of Facebook fame) and many others.

Read the complete Eric Olson Interview →

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Kirthana Selvaraj interview

Check out our video interview with the super talented portraiture artist Kirthana Selvaraj. Her portraits will be at Translations (October 2nd, 2013) which is part of RAW Sydney.

You can purchase tickets to the event here or buy them on the night.

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Geebs interview

At the recent RAW event in Parramatta, we got a chance to see the delightful and slightly spooky work of Gillie and Debbie (known as “Geebs”) and wanted to know a bit more about their crazy world… Read the complete Geebs interview →

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Interview with Merryn Spencer of Pop-Up Parramatta

Our very Own Estelle Pigot who spends her days working for Regional Arts NSW interviewed Merryn Spencer of Pop-Up Parramatta for the Regional Arts website and we are lucky enough to have for you the full interview (raw and uncut!)


As the empty spaces landscape is still emerging in Australia there are many ways of undertaking a pop up opportunity. In our Council it’s part of an integrated series of projects to enhance and enliven the experience of the city for those who live, work and play in the area and creating a ‘filler’ between major redevelopments in the area. (more…)

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