Blue Knot Day’s online photo competition

Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) is calling on budding photographers and creatives to enter its annual Untangle the Knot Photo Competition, in support of the estimated five million adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse in Australia.  The competition is part of ASCA’s national awareness day Blue Knot Day, this October 27 2014, with a theme of ‘Recovery’. Read about Blue Knot Day’s online photo competition →

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Crowdfund for a feed – help publish an Afghan recipe book (on Indiegogo)

We like a delicious cross-cultural typographic challenge. Here is one blending these ingredients into a community project. This cook-book is being created from a selection of traditional Afghan dishes involving the courageous spirit of the Afghan community living in Sydney. Partly bi-lingual, in English with Dari calligraphy, it is beginning to look rather tasty.

By assisting with this crowd-funding the call-out supports a nutritional education program working with Afghan refugees and aims to add community capacity and enjoyable values through a peaceful cultural interchange. Several recipes are vegetarian friendly with a focus is on healthy living while sharing heritage cuisine across generations, such as Boulani flatbread, Mantu dumpling, Shollah mung-beans and Afghan’s national rice dish Kabhuli Pilau.

To check it out, follow this link to Indiegogo

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VIOLENTAMI – Feelings ( music video & EP remixes) Released 30th june 2014

The first release of Violentami (pop/deep house)aka Charles Rocher (Nouvelle New Wave /FR).

With a cinematographic comtempory dance music video directed by Frank Ychou working for bands like Chateau Marmont (Arista/FR) or Turtle (Beatnik/UK).

FEELINGS included three remixes from sexy depitch 90′s tune to space chill music with Kadavre Exquis, Gotham & Brandon Banal.

FEELINGS EP (4 titles) available soon on iTunes and now on soundcloud:
VIOLENTAMI on Facebook :  |  on Twitter :

Videoclip directed by Frank Ychou | Produced by RODS & Nouvelle New Wave

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Industrial Designer Demelza Nussio

My name is Demelza Nussio and I am an emerging Industrial Designer based in

Recently, I was selected to exhibit my work in the Ventura Lambrate – part
of Milan’s International Design Fair in early April of this year. This is a
massive opportunity for me as an emerging designer and will provide the
platform to showcase my work, meet with international media and members of
the design community on an international scale. This will also boost
opportunities for my design work both internationally and nationally.

The reason that I need help is because I am looking for sponsorship to
transport myself, and my design work to Milan.  I have estimated that the
total cost for the trip to be in the vicinity of $8,500. This will cover my
exhibition costs, return flights, living away expenses, insurances and

Currently, I have a crowd funding campaign underway through Pozible. To view
the page, please visit the following link:

My campaign ends on the 16th of March - so please help out!

I am also running a Movie Fundraising Event, which is also on the 16th of
March afternoon. Tickets are $25.00 and can be booked through:

Details of the movie are:
The Monuments Men, starring Matt Damon, George Clooney and Bill Murray.
Location: The Regal Theatre, Kensington Road, Kensington Park, SA.

How Can You Assist:
You can help by one or more of the following ways:

  1. Make a pledge through my Pozible campaign
  2. And/or, come along to the movie event, remember to invite family and friends
  3. Or, consider sponsoring me – In return I will promote your business through my social media and future interviews etc.

I understand that I am not a sports person or a charity, but if you are
willing to think outside the box, support a female Australian Industrial
Designer (there aren’t many of us) who really is determined and hardworking
and willing to make the most of this opportunity, please make a pledge.

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What is Supergraph?

What is Supergraph?

We ask Mikala Tai, Director/Founder of Supergraph, who lets us in on the secret of this Graphic Art Fair:

Supergraph is a spectacular three day Melbourne event, celebrating design, print and illustration. Supergraph showcases original and limited edition contemporary artworks available for every taste and budget, and is ideal for all to broaden their knowledge and collection of graphic art works created by new and emerging talent.

Supergraph was a little idea that just grew. We were really aware that there was hardly any great affordable art within the $100 range and that many emerging artists and graphic artists were finding it hard to find a market for their works. It was from this place that Supergraph was born.

We hope to be a platform that celebrates great contemporary graphic art at a price that is too good to be true – but actually is!

In our first year paper is the real hero. Expect to see cardboard in all its glory, paper piñatas and rows upon rows of A3 and A4 prints for $60 and $30 respectively. In our booth section you will be able to wander through pop up artists’ studios and finally figure out the difference between a lithograph and a screen-print.

With masterclasses from The Jacky Winter Group’s finest and the hourly drawing smackdown ‘So You Think You Can Draw’ it will hard not to pick up a pen and get involved. Then, at night, join us for some dancing thanks to Indian Summer or kick back with a drink at the Truck Stop with our outdoor DJs and bar.

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Jeremy Austin

Friend of the federation Jeremy Austin has updated his website, check out the hotness at

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Typostrate began as a simple gallery image blog for having a creative diary where to put all the inspirations I find online for typography. The name typostrate stands for typography and illustrate. After watching the visitors go up, I had to respond with better collected images. The beginning of 2013 was the point where we turned our quantity of posts into quality and began writing real articles. Now we feature young talents, handmade fonts, calligraphy, books, quotes and many more…

Check it all out at


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Gold Charity Entry 2013 City2Surf

Very special Friend of the Federation (graphic designer / top bloke / male model / wests tigers tragic) Paul Barton has secured a Gold Charity entry to this years to City2Surf and is looking for your help to sponsor him in the journey to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia. Would be awesome if you could get behind him with even a few dollars.

I have been lucky enough to secure a Gold Charity Entry to the 2013 City2Surf.

I’ll be running to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia who have a goal of ‘a world without cancer, nothing less’. One in two families are touched by cancer in their lifetime, one life lost to cancer is still one too many. Enough is enough…

I’ll run the 14kms if you can help support the cause and share the link with family and friends. Thank you.


To make a donation head over to


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The Little Death

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